What we do

design package

• obtain a detailed brief from the client including their Budget
• assess site conditions
• order Survey on behalf of clients
• prepared Measured Drawing of existing structures, including photographs
• review Council DCP & LEP’s
• prepare Design for discussion with clients
• provide up to 3 amended draft Designs based on client feedback
• preparation of Detailed Drawings & co-ordinate Consultants for DA submission
• submit DA Application

contract administration

This can be a continuation of the Project Design by Bean Project Management & Design or jobs prepared by other Architects

3 Stages – each stage to be handled separately or as a package.

Stage One

• collect plans & DA documentation
• take photograph if not already done in previous stages
• prepare Tender documents including a detailed Specification of the works
• obtain necessary documentation from other consultants required to obtain accurate tenders such as structural engineering
• consult with client on specific requirements
• call for Tenders from our pre-approved Tender List and/or client’s Builder
• collect Tender responses
• evaluate each Tender & provide the client with a Tender Summary and our recommendations •

Stage Two

• obtain all documents & information required for Construction Certificate (CC)
• obtain a proposal from a Private Certifying Authority for the issue of the CC
• co-ordinate lodgement & approval of CC
• co-ordinate Consultant information required for CC

Stage Three

• negotiating and preparation of building contracts
• observation inspections of the works as appropriate
• daily contact with the builders
• fortnightly or weekly site meetings and reporting on progress – minutes will be provided for these meetings
• dealing with day to day matters related to the contracts and queries from the builder or client
• assisting with product selection where appropriate
• placing orders on behalf of clients for items and contractors dealing directly with the client – joiners, bathroom fittings, appliances etc.
• assessing and advising clients on variations from builders
• liaising with other consultants on issues that may arise during construction.
• certification of progress payments to the contractors
• preparation of a defects list at the end of the job
• assisting in the application for the final occupation certificate at the end of the project